Watch G.I. Joe: Valor vs. Venom Online

Watch G.I. Joe: Valor vs. Venom Online
Film title: G.I. Joe: Valor vs. Venom
Rotten Tomatoes: 33%
Language: English
Plot: G.I. Joe, Duke, Heavy Duty, Scarlett and Snake Eyes face their most dangerous mission yet when they go up against Cobra's latest weapon -- ferocious creatures that are part human, part wild animal -- in this animated action flick. Using a process invented by Dr. Mindbender that blends animal and human DNA, Cobra Commander plots to transform Hawk into a brainwashed hybrid who'll do his evil bidding.

G.I. Joe: Valor vs. Venom Cast & Crew

John Payne
as Duke
Michael Dobson
as Cobra Commander
Mark Hildreth
as Hi-Tech
Venus Terzo
as Jinx
Kevan Ohtsji
as Kamakura
Jim Foronda
as Dr. Mindbender
Andrew Toth
as Dusty
Doron Bell
as Tunnel Rat
Brian Dobson
as Flint
Frank Salazar
as Venomous Maximus
Scott McNeil
as Destro
Lisa Ann Beley
as Scarlett
Phil Hayes
as Hawk
Blu Mankuma
as Heavy Duty