Galapagos Series
Premiere: 2006
Network: Bbc Two
Sessons: 1
Full Episodes: 3
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This three-part HD documentary series was made for the BBC Natural History and National Geographic Channel. Explore the natural wonder that are the tiny islands in the South Pacific off the coast of Ecuador and see how Darwin came up with his theories of evolution. Cameras capture all of nature's glory both above and below the water, in the air and on the land to create this must-see program for the environmentally-inclined.
Galapagos S01E03
Last Episode, 13 October 2006: Season 1, Episode 3: Forces Of Change
The geological forces at work in Galapágos are complex and unpredictable; so, too, are the many ocean currents that unite here.
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Date Aired Galapagos Episodes
Season 1
29 September 2006 Season 1, Episode 1: Born of Fire
06 October 2006 Season 1, Episode 2: Islands That Changed the World
13 October 2006 Season 1, Episode 3: Forces Of Change

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