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Film title: Gang of Roses 2: Next Generation
Language: English
Plot: As a result of his brother's death at the hands of the original Gang of Roses, a blood thirsty gang leader, Lee (Gabriel CASSEUS) sets out to kill Cassie (Charli BALTIMORE) the last remaining member of the all-female gang. Learning that Cassie is set to be hung, Lee heads for the jail in order to exact revenge. Unfortunately, Lee arrives too late, and discovers Cassie was killed during an attempted jail break. Knowing that one of the girls who attempted to break Cassie out is part of the new Gang of Roses, Lee seeks the Gang out with intent of exacting his revenge on them instead. Unaware of Lee's intentions, the new Gang of Roses: Collette (Eurika PRATTS), Kate (Rocsi DIAZ), Candi (Teyana TAYLOR) and Mimi (Claudia JORDAN), make plans to rob a military payroll worth a half million dollars. With the safe combination they obtained from Cassie before she died, the Gang of Roses sets out to rob the payroll, completely oblivious to the fact that Lee and his men have slaughtered the military escort and have taken their place.fandangoforever Feb 18, 2012

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Gang of Roses 2: Next Generation Cast & Crew

Kyrrin Marshall
as Sheriff green
Ardeshir Radpour
as Gang Member
Paul Michael Ramirez
as Frisky Cowboy
as Kate
Amber Rose
as Tara X
Chris Shumway
as Dirty Cowboy