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Film title: Gaudi Afternoon
Language: English
Plot: Cassandra, a solitary writer in Barcelona (a US ex-pat) gets a call for help from a stranger - a stylish woman named Frankie - who wants Cassandra to find her husband, so he can sign some important papers. Nothing Frankie says is true: the husband turns out to be a woman, the issue isn't legal papers but a child's custody, and even Frankie's most obvious identity, in red cape and red pumps, is a false front. But Cassandra keeps at it, at first to earn her promised fee, and then to help Frankie, then Frankie's ex, then the child. Along the way, this solitary and somewhat disconnected and bewildered writer frees herself to finish a novel and re-establish a broken relationship

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Gaudi Afternoon Cast & Crew

Judy Davis
as Cassandra Reilly
Marcia Gay Harden
as Frankie Stevens
Lili Taylor
as Ben
Juliette Lewis
as April
Courtney Jines
as Delilah
María Barranco
as Carmen
Pep Molina
as Paco
Steve Itkin
as Harry
Sergi Ruiz
as Carlos
Glòria Casas
as Elisa
Aitor Extravizz
as Esteban
Glòria Roig
as Carmen's Mother
Saskia Lange
as Maria