Geoff Bell Biography

Birthday: 1963-07-04
Place of Birth: London, England

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Geoff Bell


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Treasure Island Israel Hands 1950 Adventure
The Long Firm 2004 Crime
Daylight Robbery 2008 Crime
Top Boy Bobby Raikes 2011
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Mean Machine 2001 0
Oh Marbella! Stan 2004 Comedy
Freebird Tyg 2008 Comedy
Love Me Still Bobby 2008 Crime, Drama, Thriller
Botched 2008 Comedy, Crime, Horror
Daylight Robbery Alex 2008 Crime, Drama, Thriller
RocknRolla Fred the Head 2008 Action, Crime, Thriller
Rock N Rolla Fred the Head 2008 Action, Crime, Thriller
Solomon Kane 2009 0, 0, Sport
Night Train 2009 Action, Crime, Mystery
The Rapture Terry Kramer 2010 Mystery
The Reeds Mr. Croker 2010 Horror, Mystery, Thriller
The Heavy 2010 Thriller
Wild Target Fabian 2010 Comedy, Crime
Brighton Rock 2011 Crime, Drama, Thriller
Route Irish Alex Walker 2011 Action, Drama, Thriller
Big Fat Gypsy Gangster Geoff 2011 Comedy, Crime
Storage 24 Bob 2012 Reality Tv
Comes a Bright Day Mr. Morgan 2012 Romance
Dementamania David Snodgrass 2013 Horror, Thriller
C.O.O.L.I.O. Chaney 2013 Action
Comedown The Tenant 2013 Horror
Mercenaries Vladko 2014 0
Suffragette Taylor 2015 Drama
North v South Bill Vincent 2015 Thriller