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Birthday: 1943-12-12
Place of Birth: New York City, New York USA
Wiki Biography: With a singularly nebulous background, which, by his account, included stints as a Las Vegas nightclub emcee, radio personality, and jewelry tycoon, and comparatively little acting experience, Gianni Russo won the role of Carlo Rizzi in The Godfather (1972) on the basis of his screen test. Since then, Russo has remained busy as an actor, mostly playing assorted "wiseguys" and Mafia types. He was appeared again with Marlon Brando in a small role in The Freshman (1990) in which Brando parodied his Don Corleone role to good effect.

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Gianni Russo Gianni Russo


Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Godfather 1972 Crime, Drama
Godfather 1972 Crime, Drama
Laserblast 1978 Game Show, Reality Tv, 0
Super Mario Bros. Scapelli 1993 Action, Adventure, Comedy
Circles Howard Thomas - Jeremy's father 1998
Harvard Man 2001 Comedy, Crime, Drama
Send No Flowers Johnny Pisano 2013 Action, Crime, Drama