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Film title: Girlrillaz
Language: English
Plot: Appalled by America's glorification of violence and repression of female nudity, disruptive activists LIV and WITH begin a grass roots campaign to "Free the Nipple" and make toplessness legal across the country, and raise awareness of gender inequalities in the US. Their revolution opens a national conversation about the extraordinary amount of violence being blasted at the youth of America. Their mission concludes with a triumphant topless rally outside the Lincoln Memorial to protest the backwards censorship laws in the United States.

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Girlrillaz Cast & Crew

Zach Grenier
as Jim Black
Casey LaBow
as Cali
Lina Esco
as With
Griffin Newman
as Orson
Jen Ponton
as Charlie
Lola Kirke
as Liv
Crystal Lonneberg
as Coworker
Michael Panes
as Lawyer
John Keating
as Kilo
Jason Humble
as Unvercover Cop 2
Miriam Weisbecker
as Campaign Worker
Jon-Paul Vertuccio
as Paparazzi
Rich Chew
as Paparazzi #2