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Film title: Girls Never Call
Language: English
Plot: The characters. KEVIN has a formula: he earns $300 a month working as a gardener, and even manages to save some. LORENA has her own formula: she's a secretary and manages to spend twice as much as she earns. She likes to go to expensive clubs and loves to shop on Rodeo Drive. He only listens to music he downloads for free and buys his clothes at thrift stores. For Kevin, a sentimental relationship is not affordable. On the other hand, Lorena always manages to end up dating her boss, she has a gift for finding men that will offer her financial stability along with emotional instability. The cute meet. It takes place at a cool party in L.A., where the most glamorous people in town show up. Kevin is there because of the free drink. Lorena spends the night with Kevin. She misses a minor detail: she thinks she just hooked up with the son of the owner of the Los Angeles Lakers (Kevin Gardner) but in reality she had sex with Kevin the gardener. Crisis. Lorena finds out that she's pregnant. Things get worse when she's fired from her job. Her friends convince her to talk to Kevin, partly because they think he is the son of a multimillionaire. Lorena visits Kevin, who after an initial shock, invites her to move into his humble apartment. Forced by the circumstances, she accepts the invitation. Formulas crash. With 50 dollars, Kevin can do the groceries for a month. With that money Lorena would only buy a salad. Kevin showers with cold water so he doesn't spend in electricity. Lorena takes foam baths for hours. Question. Are they ready for a common formula?

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Girls Never Call Cast & Crew

Keith Myers
as Kevin
Tracy Viera
as Lorena
Valerie Keninston
as Michelle
Lorna Duyn
as Monica
Debra Magit
as Madeleine
Kate Landro
as Ally
Laurie Lammens
as Sarah
César Benito
as Alfred
Kenneth Rangel
as Kevin's child
Jake Kennedy
as John