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Film title: Gladiator Cop
Language: English
Plot: Andrew Garrey is a cop trying to reveal the background of secret killing fights named "Game". He takes part in the fights under the nickname Gladiator.One of the Game bosses, Parmenion, wants him to fight with the ancient sword that once belonged to Alexander the Great against his own fighter Mongol to recall the 2000 years old duel between Alexander and his enemy whose re-incarnations he believes to be Andrew Garrett and himself

Gladiator Cop Series
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Gladiator Cop Cast & Crew

Frank Anderson
as Leo Bravo
Dan Carter
as Security Guard #3
Eugene Clark
as Police Captain
Heather Gillan
as Attractive Escort
James Hong
as Parmenion
Steve Kendry
as Bookie #1
Peter Kerenyi
as Insurance Adjuster
Joe Lalogga
as Security Guard #2
Lorenzo Lamas
as Andrew Garrett
Phil Morrison
as Gambler #1
Mary Jo Nadzalski
as Tour Guide
Paul Park
as Asian Henchman #2
Louis Paquette
as Thief #1
Nicholas Pasco
as Nick Milano