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Film title: Gladiatress
Language: English, French
Plot: When a particularly sissy Caesar orders his general Rhinus to proceed with the conquest of Britain, which is just a mosaic of inter-warring Celtic tribes related to the Gauls he already subjugated, those send Marcosivellauniviromandiboule (aka Young Gaul) to the Dubonni, a measly tribe where three sisters play a leading role, and therefore see the messenger foremost as an ideal catch for the unmarried youngest; his bed-test goes great, while a Roman attack on the rivaling neighbor Kent tribe is welcomed without any strategic foresight. Nevertheless the Roman war machine rolls on, so war must be engaged, however again in their, female-shaped way.

Gladiatress Series
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Gladiatress Cast & Crew

David Hayman
as General Rhinus
Ronan Vibert
as Caesar
Philippe De Grossouvre
as Jean Marcosivellauniviromandiboule / Young Gaul
Doon Mackichan
as Dwyfuc
Fiona Allen
as Smirgut the Fierce
Sally Phillips
as Worthaboutapig
Rory MacGregor
as Male Dubonni Warrior
Pam Ferris
as Mrs. Goatsplitter
Brendan O'Hea
as Welsh Suitor
William Chubb
as Chamberlain
Dorian MacDonald
as Geordie Suitor
Nicola Stephenson
as Elderly Dubonni Woman
Marcia Warren
as Queen Tuathfhlaifthfth
Dermot Keaney
as French Speaker
Bruno Lastra
as Messenger