Watch Going Overboard Online

Watch Going Overboard Online
Film title: Going Overboard
Rotten Tomatoes: 21%
Language: Ron Jacobs
Plot: It's big laughs on the high seas as Adam Sandler plays a cruise ship waiter with his eye on becoming the ship's comedian. Unlucky with the ladies, Shecky Moskowitz (Sandler) is certain he could get the girls by wowing them with his comic stylings. Trouble is, the ship's resident funnyman isn't willing to share the spotlight. But when the comedian is thought lost at sea, Shecky gets his big break. Now the question is, will he sink or swim?

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Going Overboard Cast & Crew

Burt Young
as General Noriega
Adam Sandler
as Schecky Moskowitz
Scott LaRose
as Dickie Diamond
Lisa Collins
as Ellen
Tom Hodges
as Bob
Peter Berg
as Mort Ginsberg