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Film title: Golgotha
Language: English
Plot: A lighthearted homage to German Expressionism: Golgotha. She was the most powerful sorceress ever to live; but time and tribulation have reduced the once-feared Golgotha to a sick, old woman on her deathbed. In a rare moment of candor (and humility), she confesses her life story to a goblin named Minion, the last of her loyal foot servants. Her woeful tale reveals an obsession with a certain wooden-handled sword and, possibly, buried deep beneath her icy facade, a desire for love. However, even unto her dying breath, will Golgotha ever admit it? As we get to know this larger-than-life villain, we also meet a colorful cast of characters, including: King MacGuffin, a cruel tyrant who taxes his subjects to death, Prince Debonere, an ardorous Crusader who isn't quite prepared to wear his father's crooked crown, and Fritz, sidekick and best friend of the Prince, who has a particularly strong affection for the ladies. This reverse fairytale plays out Golgotha's tragic childhood, coming of age, rebellion, and rise to power on a particularly expressionistic stage: that of a silent film. Like an old horror or noir, the entire film is black and white; and although the real-time scenes have recorded sound, all of Golgotha's memories (which comprise a majority of the narrative) occur as a series of silent flashbacks with intertitle dialogue.

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Golgotha Cast & Crew

Cortney Alexander
as Pyre - An Apprentice
Cooper Andrews
as Evil Guard
Victor John Beaulieu II
as Harold - Scroll Bearer
Timothy Ladd Brawner
as The Mystery Shadow
Matthew Brideau
as Evil Guard
Diana Brown
as Minion
Joanna Campbell
as Goblin
Blake Dalton
as Sidon - Captain of the Evil Guard
Joanna Daniel
as Old Golgotha
Katy Davis
as Annabelle Grieves
Lark Cassidy Davis
as Baby Golgotha
Patrick Donnelly
as Instructor Lang
Emma Elliott
as Little Golgotha
Robin Glaubman
as Goblin