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Film title: Goodbye, 20th Century
Language: Macedonian, English
Plot: In the year 2019, after global destruction and descent into savagery, the immortal Kuzman tried to discover his destiny in order to learn how to die. As he enters the whirling circles of time, we discover the blasphemy of our century, and how it is to close its circle.

Goodbye, 20th Century Series
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Goodbye, 20th Century Cast & Crew

Lazar Ristovski
as Santa Claus
Vlado Jovanovski
as The Prophet
Dejan Acimovic
as The Priest
Petar Temelkovski
as The Brother
Sofija Kunovska
as The Sister
Toni Mihajlovski
as The Man with Green Hair
Zvezda Angelovska
as The Warrior
Petre Arsovski
as The Man with the Helmet
Samoil Dukovski
as The Brother-In-Law
Vladimir Endrovski
as The Nameless
Josif Josifovski
as The Old Cowboy