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Film title: Gråtass - Hemmeligheten på gården
Language: Norwegian
Plot: Little Grey Fergie moves to a new farm with his friends. On the new farm they're going to have such a good time! But things don't turn out as they planned. Little Grey Fergie discovers that some crooks are trying to uncover a secret on the farm. They sabotage the running of the farm and destroy the friendship between Little Grey Fergie and his friends, to make Goggen sell them the farm.Little Grey Fergie helps out, and discovers that the secret is a valuable water source that he finds for Goggen. When everything seems to be solved, Fergie is kidnapped by the crooks, who also steal the water. Gamlefar, Goggen and Grynet have to do everything in their power to save him. Fergie gets away, and saves himself as well as the farm, so that everything ends up the way they hoped it would.

Gråtass - Hemmeligheten på gården Series
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Gråtass - Hemmeligheten på gården Cast & Crew

Dagrun Anholt
as Grynet
Heljar Berge
as Hubert Hoggerud
Åsmund Brede Eike
as Herpert Hoggerud
Olav Næss
as Helmut Hoggerud
Nils Ole Oftebro
as Narrator
Helge Reiss
as Advokat Antonsen
Tor-Geir Sundal
as Gamlefar
Helén Vikstvedt
as Helga Hoggerud
Dag Vågsås
as Hieronemus