Graham Greene Biography

Birthday: 1952-06-22
Place of Birth: Six Nations Reserve, Ontario

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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Maverick Joseph 1957 - 1962 Action
Wolf Lake Sherman Blackstone 2001 Horror
Defiance Rafe McCawley 2013 Action
Dangerous Edge: A Life of Graham Greene Himself 2013
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Dances with Wolves Kicking Bird 1990 Adventure, Drama
Thunderheart Walter Crow Horse 1992 Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Clearcut 1992 Drama, Thriller
Benefit of the Doubt 1993 Thriller
Huck and the King of Hearts Jim 1994 Adventure
Maverick Joseph 1994 Action, Adventure, Comedy
Savage Land Skyano 1994 Adventure
Camilla Hunt Weller 1994 Drama
Die Hard With a Vengeance Joe Lambert 1995 Action, Crime, Thriller
Die Hard: With a Vengeance Joe Lambert 1995 Action, Crime, Thriller
Sabotage Nicholas Tollander 1997 Action, Drama, Thriller
Dead Innocent Detective Mike Salvatori 1997 Horror, Thriller
Wounded Nick Rollins 1997 Action, Crime, Thriller
The Hired Heart 1997 Drama, Romance
The Education of Little Tree Willow John 1997 Drama
Heart of the Sun Ol'Billy 1998 Drama
The Herd Voice of of Andrew Bahr 1998 Drama
Shattered Image Detective 1998 Crime, Drama, Fantasy
Misery Harbour Burly 1999 Drama
Grey Owl 1999 Drama
Touched Albert 1999 Drama, Romance
Bad Money George Baines 1999 Comedy
The Green Mile Arlen Bitterbuck 1999 Crime, Drama, Fantasy
Desire Connor 2000 Drama, Romance, Thriller
Lost and Delirious Joe Menzies 2001 Drama, Romance
Skins Mogie Yellow Lodge 2002 Crime, Drama
Snow Dogs Peter Yellowbear 2002 Adventure, Comedy, Family
Punch & Judy Charley 2002 Comedy
Duct Tape Forever Edgar K. B. Montrose 2002 Comedy
A Thief of Time 2004 Mystery
Phil the Alien 2005
Spirit Bear: The Simon Jackson Story 2005
Buffalo Dreams 2005
When I Find the Ocean Copeland 2006 Drama, Family
A Lobster Tale Sheriff 2006 Drama, Family, Fantasy
Breakfast with Scot Bud Wilson 2007 Comedy, Drama, Music
Just Buried Henry Sanipass 2008 Comedy, Drama
Gunless N'Kwala 2010 Action, Comedy, Drama
Willatuk: The Legend of Seattle's Sea Serpent Narrator 2010 Fantasy
Casino Jack Bernie Sprague 2010 Biography, Comedy, Crime
Running Mates Dilton Harper 2011 Comedy
Valley of the Sun Turquoise Jack 2012 Comedy, Drama
Dangerous Edge: A Life of Graham Greene Himself 2013 Biography
The Birder Manny 2013 Comedy
Chasing Shakespeare Mr. Mountain 2013 Drama, Romance
Maïna Mishtenapeu 2013 Adventure
Winter's Tale Humpstone John 2014 Fantasy
Hack! 2: Dead Again Sheriff Goossen 2014 Horror
Corner Gas: The Movie Fishing Guide 2014 Comedy
Tar Homeless Man / Carl 2015 Horror
Unnatural Buffalo 2015 Action, Horror, Thriller
New Amsterdam Smiling Eagle / Singing Wind 2016 Adventure
Out of the Darkness Gabe 2016 Drama
The Shack Male Papa 2016 Drama