Watch Green Zone Online

Watch Green Zone Online
Film title: Green Zone
Rotten Tomatoes: 60%
Language: English
Plot: U.S. Defense Intelligence Agent Clark Poundstone doesn't want to hear what Army Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller has to say about not finding the weapons of mass destruction he's been sent to Iraq to unearth. Why the cover-up?

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Green Zone Cast & Crew

Matt Damon
as Miller
Brendan Gleeson
as Martin Brown
Faycal Attougui
as Al Rawi Bodyguard
Aymen Hamdouchi
as Ayad Hamza
Greg Kinnear
as Clark Poundstone
Nicoye Banks
as Perry
Yigal Naor
as General Al Rawi
Jerry Della Salla
as Wilkins
Said Faraj
as Seyyed Hamza
Sean Huze
as Conway
Brian Siefkes
as MET D
Adam Wendling
as MET D