Watch Ground Control Online

Watch Ground Control Online
Film title: Ground Control
Language: English
Plot: Chicago air controller Jack Harris is a wreck with guilt nightmares after a major Transair crash, killing all 174 aboard, gives up the job and designs air control software instead. Five years later, his ex-colleague T.C. Bryant, meanwhile also transferred to Phoenix, desperately asks him to help out short-term, given desperate staff shortage on Newyears eve with a bad storm predicted, after a power cut hits, which is actually the sabotage work of technical whiz John Quinn, who has meanwhile messed up the systems on several airports, so they see their workload multiplied. Colleagues welcome him in very different states of mind but he quickly proves his capabilities, alas then the fatal memories start creeping up again: will his lack of self-confidence cause another drama?

Ground Control Cast & Crew

Kiefer Sutherland
as Jack Harris
Bruce McGill
as T.C. Bryant
Kristy Swanson
as Julie Albrecht
Kelly McGillis
as Susan Stratton
Margaret Cho
as Amanda
Ruben Paul
as Sam
Henry Winkler
as John Quinn
Farrah Forke
as Laura Franklin
Michael Gross
as Murray
Vito D'Ambrosio
as Weather Analyst
Jack Plotnick
as Curtis
Mike Kimmel
as Pudgy
Brian George
as Shamaal