Watch Gunga Din Online

Watch Gunga Din Online
Film title: Gunga Din
Rotten Tomatoes: 92%
Language: English
Plot: Three British soldiers -- Sgt. Cutter (Cary Grant), Sgt. Ballantine (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) and Sgt. McChesney (Victor McLaglen) -- are sent to India to investigate sabotaged telegraph wires. Ballantine's loyalties are divided, however, since all he longs for is to settle down with his beloved (Joan Fontaine). When the soldiers discover the hideout of their biggest enemy, all bets are off in this 1939 George Stevens classic.

Gunga Din Cast & Crew

Cary Grant
as Cutter
Victor McLaglen
as MacChesney
Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
as Ballantine
Sam Jaffe
as Gunga Din
Montagu Love
as Colonel Weed
Robert Coote
as Higginbotham
Abner Biberman
as Chota
Lumsden Hare
as Major Mitchell