Gunpowder Series
Genre: Drama
Premiere: 2017
Network: BBC One
Sessons: 1
Full Episodes: 3
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England, 1603: Elizabeth I is dead, and King James of Scotland has taken the throne. With the country at war with Catholic Spain, English Catholics are persecuted, and priests caught saying Mass are put to death. Several failed attempts have already been made on the new king’s life. Now, deep in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside, a new plot is brewing—one that will become legend, leaving a mark on the country that will still be felt over 400 years later.
Gunpowder S01E03
Last Episode, 04 November 2017: Season 1, Episode 3: Episode 3
On the eve of the 5th of November, Catesby, Fawkes and the plotters load the tunnels below Parliament with barrels of gunpowder. Across the city, Father Garnet is under pressure to reveal Catesby's plot for the good of the Catholic faith.
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Date Aired Gunpowder Episodes
Season 1
21 October 2017 Season 1, Episode 1: Episode 1
28 October 2017 Season 1, Episode 2: Episode 2
04 November 2017 Season 1, Episode 3: Episode 3