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Place of Birth: El Paso, Texas
Wiki Biography: Beginning his show business career at age 13 as an entertainer on Mississippi riverboats, Guy Kibbee graduated to the legitimate stage and spent many years in the theater. In the 1930s he was signed by Warner Brothers, and became part of what was known as "the Warner Brothers Stock Company", a cadre of seasoned character actors and actresses who enlivened many a Warners musical or gangster film. Kibbee specialized in playing jovial, but not particularly bright, businessmen and government officials. He was memorable as the stuffy lawyer with a secret weakness for showgirls in Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933).

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Guy Kibbee Guy Kibbee Guy Kibbee Guy Kibbee


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Man of the World 1931 Drama
The Chevrolet Tele-Theatre 1948 Drama
The Chevrolet Tele Theatre 1948 Drama
Inside U.S.A. with Chevrolet 1949 Music
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Blonde Crazy 1931 0, Comedy
City Streets 1931 Crime
Laughing Sinners 1931 Drama, Romance
Fireman Save My Child 1932 Comedy, Sport
The Mouthpiece 1932 Drama
Two Seconds Bookie 1932 Drama
Gold Diggers of 1933 0, 0
42nd Street Abner Dillon 1933 Biography, 0
The Life of Jimmy Dolan Phlaxer 1933
Hold Your Man 1933 Drama, Romance
Lady for a Day Judge Henry G. Blake 1933 Comedy
Footlight Parade 1933 Comedy, Musical, Romance
Convention City 1933 Comedy
Dames Horace P. Hemingway 1934
Wonder Bar 1934 Crime, Drama, Musical
Captain Blood Hagthorpe 1935 Action, Adventure, Romance
Captain January 1936 Comedy, Musical, Family
Three Loves Has Nancy Pa Briggs 1938
Of Human Hearts 1938 0
Three Comrades 1938 Drama
Babes in Arms 1939 0, 0
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939 0
It's a Wonderful World Capt. Streeter 1939
Mr Smith Goes to Washington 1939 Drama
Our Town Mr. Webb 1940 Drama
Girl Crazy 1943 Comedy, Musical, Romance
The Horn Blows at Midnight 1945 Comedy, Fantasy, Music
Fort Apache Capt. Dr. Wilkens 1948
The Dark Horse 2014