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Film title: Ha-Bsora Al-Pi Elohim
Language: Hebrew
Plot: A universal anti-religious satire which occours in the latter of 2001 and deals with the life of God and his son Jesus. While Jesus is trained and sent to bring redemption, God is desperately seeking for the meaning of his only incomprehensible creation - Love.

Ha-Bsora Al-Pi Elohim Series
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Ha-Bsora Al-Pi Elohim Cast & Crew

Assi Dayan
as God
Gila Almagor
as Mary
Golan Azulai
as Tomas de Torquemada
Yehuda Efroni
as Pope Pius XII
Eyal Geffen
as Nostradamus
Tzufit Grant
as Judy
Gil Kopatsh
as Jesus
Yoni Lahav
as Judas Iscariot
Dana Parnas
as Jean D'Arc
as Satan