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Film title: Hack!
Language: English
Plot: Seven college students, who make up of the bookish Emily; friendly bad-guy Johnny; punk girl Maddy; the token gay Ricky; gangster-rapper 'Q'; British exchange student Sylvia; and football stud Tim; are picked to travel to a private island owned by the reclusive Vincent King and his film-obsessed wife Mary Shelley to study island wildlife. But is isn't long when a mysterious killer begins killing the students one-by-one, and modeling them after gory murder scenes from numerous horror films. Are the eccentric Vincent and Mary Shelley the killers? if so, who is the mysterious fisherman lurking around the grounds of the island? Plus, does Emily know a lot more of what is going on then she claims to?

Hack! Series
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Hack! Cast & Crew

Sean Kanan
as Vincent King
Juliet Landau
as Mary Shelley
Justin Chon
as Ricky
Noah Guy
as Tatooed Keg Pumper
Kane Hodder
as First Victim
Burt Young
as J.T. Bates
Tony Burton
as Sheriff Stoker
as Q
Mike Wittlin
as Mr. Argento