Watch Hamlet 2 Online

Watch Hamlet 2  Online
Film title: Hamlet 2
Language: English, Spanish
Plot: Dana Marschz is a failed actor and recovering alcoholic who's moved to Tucson to teach high school drama, where he's plagued by bad reviews, student indifference, budget woes (he and his wife, who is trying to get pregnant, take in a boarder), and his own teaching limitations. Because the other electives are closed, he finds himself with a large class of seeming gang-bangers, and the principal informs him that drama will be cut next trimester. On the advice of a student reviewer, Dana decides to stage his own play, a sequel to "Hamlet" in which the prince and Jesus, with the use of a time machine, try to save Gertrude and Ophelia. Can Dana for once pull something off?

Hamlet 2 Cast & Crew

Steve Coogan
as Dana Marschz
Catherine Keener
as Brie Marschz
Skylar Astin
as Rand Posin
Phoebe Strole
as Epiphany Sellers
Melonie Diaz
as Ivonne
Arnie Pantoja
as Vitamin J
Natalie Amenula
as Yolanda
Marshall Bell
as Principal Rocker
Elisabeth Shue
as Elisabeth Shue
Amy Poehler
as Cricket Feldstein
Shea Pepe
as Noah Sapperstein