Watch Hangar 18 Online

Watch Hangar 18 Online
Film title: Hangar 18
Language: English
Plot: An unidentified object comes crashing to Earth after colliding with an American satellite, and when the President learns the object contains alien remains, he orders it hidden so as not to rile up the public while he runs for reelection. But two astronauts, Bancroft (Gary Collins) and Price (James Hampton), saw the collision and aim to uncover exactly what is being kept secret in Hangar 18. Robert Vaughn co-stars in this sci-fi cult classic.

Hangar 18 Cast & Crew

Gary Collins
as Steve Bancroft
Robert Vaughn
as Gordon Cain
James Hampton
as Lew Price
Joseph Campanella
as Frank Lafferty
Tom Hallick
as Phil Cameron
William Schallert
as Professor Mills
Andrew Bloch
as Neal Kelso
Stuart Pankin
as Sam Tate
Betty Ann Carr
as Flo Mattson