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Film title: Hanna's War
Language: English, Hungarian
Plot: It's the true story of Hannah Szenes,a Hungarian Jew living in British Palestine,who volunteers to parachute behind enemy lines in occupied Yugoslavia,in order to rescue Hungarian Jews from deportation to death camps.

Hanna's War Series
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Hanna's War Cast & Crew

Ellen Burstyn
as Katalin
Anthony Andrews
as McCormack
Donald Pleasence
as Captain Thomas Rosza
David Warner
as Captain Julian Simon
Rob Jacks
as Peretz
Serge El-Baz
as Tony
Joe El Dror
as Yonah
Ingrid Pitt
as Margit
Jon Rumney
as Uncle Egon
Magda Faluhelyi
as Aunt Ella
Emma Lewis
as Cousin Evi