Hap and Leonard

Hap and Leonard Series
Premiere: 2018
IMDB Rating: 7.5/10
Sessons: 3
Full Episodes: 6
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A darkly comic swamp noir story of two best friends set in the late 1980s. Based on the novels by Joe R. Lansdale, the series follows Hap Collins, an East Texas white boy with a weakness for Southern women, and Leonard Pine, a gay, black Vietnam vet with a hot temper.
Hap and Leonard S03E06 Hap discovers a new clue about Florida's whereabouts and reconciles with Leonard.
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Date Aired Hap and Leonard Episodes
Season 3
Season 3, Episode 1: The Two-Bear Mambo
Season 3
Season 3, Episode 2: Ho-Ho Mambo
Season 3
Season 3, Episode 3: T-Bone Mambo
Season 3, Episode 4: Senorita Mambo
Season 3, Episode 5: Mambo #5
Season 3, Episode 6: Monsoon Mambo