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Film title: Happy Birthday, Türke!
Language: German
Plot: Kemal Kayankaya, a private detective, was hired by a Turkish women, Ilter, to search for his husband, Amend, who has been missing since the death of her father, Vassif. Unknownst to him, he was about to unravel the secrets of his client's family, as well as their various dealings with the underworld and the police. Moreover, being a Turk raised in a German foster family, he has also begun to understand and accept his

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Happy Birthday, Türke! Cast & Crew

Hansa Czypionka
as Kemal Kayankaya
Özay Fecht
as Ilter Hamul
Meret Becker
as Hanna Hecht
Doris Kunstmann
as Frau Futt
Lambert Hamel
as Paul Futt
Ömer Simsek
as Yilmaz
Richard Beek
as Lagerverwalter
Emin Boztepe
as Ahmed
Siir Eloglu
as Ayse
Ben Engel
as Müllmann
Dagmar Franz
as Sekretärin