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Film title: Happy Hollowdays
Language: English, Korean
Plot: A Korean American family during the holidays. A play on words Happy Hollow (empty) days as opposed to feeling fulfillment (Full of love, success, joy, achievement) as explored through the relationships of the family and the three sisters. The youngest sister Melanie, and her boyfriend Layne are in a codependent relationship. Sanguine and her boyfriend are dreamers, together in a long distance relationship. The oldest sister Phyllis can be described as a modern day feminist who doesn't have time for a relationship yet constantly remembers Josh, her childhood love. The three sisters represent 3 temperaments used in psychology.

Happy Hollowdays Series
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Happy Hollowdays Cast & Crew

Jennivere Song Lee
as Sanguine
Amy Chang
as Phyllis
Ann Marie Yoo
as Melanie
Geoff Lee
as Phillip
I.J. Shin
as Carol
Jake Choi
as Layne
Terry Sasaki
as Young Phillip
Cleo Gray
as Young Carol
Lucy Liu
as Young Sanguine
Teresa Hui
as Poetry Bar Patron
Doug Drucker
as Junkie #2
Daniel Trinh
as Junkie #3
Ray Ruzzo
as Junkie #1
Anna Bashkova
as Best Friend #1