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Film title: Hardball
Language: English
Plot: Gambler and all-around slouch Conor O'Neill (Keanu Reeves) owes someone a lot of money, so he strikes a bargain: He'll coach a Little League baseball team from Chicago's notorious Cabrini Green housing projects if a friend will lend him money to square his debts. Soon, however, the two-time loser finds heart on the field and the possibility of love with the kids' teacher (Diane Lane) off it in this heartwarming drama.

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Hardball Cast & Crew

Keanu Reeves
as Conor O'Neill
Diane Lane
as Elizabeth Wilkes
Bryan Hearne
as Andre Ray Peetes
Julian Griffith
as Jefferson Albert Tibbs
A. Delon Ellis Jr.
as Miles Pennfield II
Michael Perkins
as Kofi Evans
Brian M. Reed
as Raymond 'Ray Ray' Bennet
DeWayne Warren
as Jarius 'G-Baby' Evans