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Film title: He's Such a Girl
Language: English
Plot: Whitney (a dude) loves Taylor (a chick), but it's a question who really wears the pants in their relationship (and if they're both committed to it). He cooks, cleans, irons and wants to bring their 4-year relationship toward a marriage after the death of his father; she wants to booze it up and continue playing the field (more or less) while lying about her activities to her strict and rigidly religious bible-quoting parents. Adding to this is Aldo, a male model and former prom date of Taylor's, who lives with them and does what he can to sabotage their relationship, aiming to have Taylor to himself. Can the Whitney-Taylor pairing succeed in a romantic comedy or is it destined to fall apart in a mild satire on gender roles?

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He's Such a Girl Cast & Crew

Bryan Fisher
as Whitney
Patrick Duffy
as Whitney's Dad
Tiffany Dupont
as Taylor
Jennifer Hetrick
as Whitney's Mom
Ed Begley Jr.
as Taylor's Father
Rachelle Carson
as Taylor's Mother
Will Stiles
as Aldo