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Film title: Heart of Dance
Language: English
Plot: Seventeen year old Kealy Charmichael has always danced in the shadow of her younger sister Anna. When Anna is killed in a tragic accident, Kealy tries to fulfill Anna's dream of being a professional dancer. The stress of the challenge takes its toll as Kealy wonders if she'll ever be good enough. Kealy's mother can't bear to watch her dance and the pain of losing Anna drives a wedge in their relationship. Dance soon becomes an obsession and Kealy could lose everything. But with the love and support of her friends, she finds the strength to break through her sorrow and reclaim her passion.

Heart of Dance Series
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Heart of Dance Cast & Crew

Brennan Elliott
as Dr. Norton
Julia Sarah Stone
as Anna Charmichael
Alisha Newton
as Jenna
Sierra Pitkin
as Candace
Eliza Faria
as Emily
Scarlett Bruns
as Kealy Charmichael
Steven Jeays
as Taylor
Aria DeMaris
as Reegan
Avery Konrad
as Michelle
Julian LeBlanc
as Thomas