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Film title: Heaven and Hell
Language: English
Plot: "A group of occultists have resurrected Lilith, first wife of Adam, in hopes of avenging her alleged betrayal by God. Lilith has been reborn in the flesh and now walks among the living. Her minions are setting up the proper channels for their master's ultimate revenge: the apocalypse. With the deck stacked so high against the forces of God, the Holy Spirit Himself makes a vow to take out Lilith once and for all."

Heaven and Hell Series
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Heaven and Hell Cast & Crew

Jim Baker
as Josh Gabriel
Aurora Grabill
as Lilith
Richard Chandler
as Attorney Zimmer
Tina Krause
as Miranda Amedeo
Bernard Larrivee Jr
as Holy Spirit
Todd Therrien
as Caligula
Lilith Astaroth
as Political Rally Spectator
Kirsten Bornkessel
as Political Rally Spectator
Ray Boutin
as Ahriman
Richard Chandler Sr.
as Mr. Brown
Matthew Colicci
as Zimmer's Grandfather
Mary C. Ferrara
as Amedeo Employee
Melissa Jalali
as Melinda