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Film title: Hei mao
Language: Cantonese
Plot: Catherine is a violent and disturbed young lady who is shot down by the government in one of her escapades. She wakes up in a training facility and is taught to use weapons, combat, and is put through heavy endurance training. When she is done, she is given the code name "Black Cat". Catherine is now an assassin for the government and is very good at it but she soon finds a boyfriend and is caught between her love for him and her deal with the governm

Hei mao Series
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Hei mao Cast & Crew

Jade Leung
as Erica Leung / Catherine
Simon Yam
as Brian
Thomas Lam
as Thomas
Curtis Fraser
as Prison Guard
Denise Stauffer
as Prison Guard
Jordy Shane
as Disguised old woman
Audrey Rene
as Bride
Mary Rawbins
as Hostess
Randi Lynne
as Prison Guard
Glen Morrison
as Gun Instructor
Kiara Hunter
as CIA Agent
Jamie Estio
as Groom
Yvonne Drinovz
as Prison Guard
Dickie Motherwell
as Language Instructor
Chan Korlikian
as Mysterious Killer