Watch Helen of Troy Online

Watch Helen of Troy Online
Film title: Helen of Troy
Language: English
Plot: Former model Sienna Guillory stars in this TV miniseries as Helen, the "face that launched a thousand ships," and thus began the 10-year war between Greece and Troy. The trouble starts when Paris (Matthew Marsden), Prince of Troy, falls in love with Helen and takes her away from Sparta, prompting Helen's husband, King Menelaus, to set sail with his army to invade Troy. Let the epic action and drama begin.

Helen of Troy Cast & Crew

Rufus Sewell
as Agamemnon
John Rhys-Davies
as King Priam of Troy
Maryam d'Abo
as Queen Hecuba
James Callis
as Menelaus
Daniel Lapaine
as Hector
Nigel Whitmey
as Odysseus
Joe Montana
as Achilles
Katie Blake
as Clytemnestra
Craig Kelly
as Pollux