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Film title: Hello Stranger...
Language: English
Plot: Hello Stranger... is an original Western following the arrival of a traveling band of musicians to a small town in the wild west. The town is run by an ignorant mayor, an aging, burnt out Sheriff ( Played by Timothy Bottoms) and a young power hungry and corrupt Deputy. The singer in the band falls in love with the Sheriffs only daughter. Complicating matters is the fact that the unstable deputy also wants the daughter for himself. Part love story, part retro musical, Hello Stranger... has action, intrigue, comedy and drama. It is a unique addition to the Western genre. Hello Stranger... was shot throughout SLO county and features some classic costumes, locations and props that give the film an authentic feel. The film features the music of Roy Rogers and the Carter Family. This movie was created and performed through improvisation by members of Adventure Club SLO, which is a group that helps adults with special needs to connect, collaborate and explore the natural world together. Film making is a major activity for the group. This is their seventh movie created by the organization in the last three years. Their last film The Curse of Blue Harbor was featured in the 2010 SLO International Film Festival.

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Timothy Bottoms
as Sheriff