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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Mission: Impossible Eugene Kittridge 1972 - 1973 Action
The A-Team Director McCready 1985 - 1986 Action
Chaos Capt. Martin Jenkins 2005 Action
Prayers For Bobby Robert Griffith 2009 Drama
The A Team Director McCready 2010 Action
A-Team Director McCready 2010 Action
Revenge Conrad Grayson 2011 - 2015 Drama
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Cold Sweat Sean 1970 Game Show, 0, Comedy
Chaos 1984 Game Show, Biography, 0, 0
The Boys of St. Vincent Brother Peter Lavin 1992
Buried on Sunday 1992
The Boys of St. Vincent: 15 Years Later Peter Lavin 1993 Drama
Clear and Present Danger Robert Ritter 1994 Action, Drama, Thriller
When Night Is Falling 1995 0
The Interview Michael Coleman 1995 Drama
Notes from Underground The Underground Man 1996 Drama
Mission: Impossible Eugene Kittridge 1996 0
The Michelle Apts. Alex 1996 Comedy, Drama, Mystery
Mission Impossible Eugene Kittridge 1996 Action, Adventure, Thriller
For Hope 1996 Drama
The Ice Storm George Clair 1997 Drama
Cement Truman 1999
Kayla Asa Robinson 1999 Family, Drama
Anchor Zone Lawson Hughes 1999
After Alice Harvey 2000 Crime, Drama, Mystery
The Limit Denny 2004 0, Game Show, Comedy
The Failures Frank Kyle 2004 Comedy, Romance
The Exorcism of Emily Rose Dr. Briggs 2005 Crime, Drama, Horror
Fido Mr. Bottoms 2006 Biography, 0, 0
The Pink Panther Yuri 2006 Adventure, Comedy, Crime
Klepto Ivan 2006 Comedy, Crime, Drama
The Circle Rick 2006 Drama, Thriller
The 7 Mr. Whitney 2007 Horror, Thriller
The Fifth Patient Gerard Pinker 2008 Drama, Thriller
Ice Castles Marcus 2010 Drama, Romance, Sport
Revenge Conrad Grayson 2015 Game Show