Henry Fonda Biography

Birthday: 1905-05-16
Place of Birth: Grand Island, Nebraska
Height: 6' 1½" (1.87 m)
Wiki Biography: Born in Grand Island, Nebraska, Henry Fonda started his acting debut with the Omaha Community Playhouse, a local amateur theater troupe directed by Dorothy Brando. He moved to the Cape Cod University Players and later Broadway, New York to expand his theatrical career from 1926 to 1934. His first major roles in Broadway include "New Faces of America" and "The Farmer Takes a Wife". The latter play was transfered to the screen in 1935 and became the start-up of Fonda's lifelong Hollywood career. The following year he married Frances Seymour Fonda with whom he had two children: Jane and Peter Fonda also to become screen stars. He is most remembered for his roles as Abe Lincoln in Young Mr. Lincoln (1939), Tom Joad in The Grapes of Wrath (1940), for which he received an Academy Award Nomination, and more recently, Norman Thayer in On Golden Pond (1981), for which he received an Academy Award for Best Actor in 1982. Henry Fonda is considered one of Hollywood's old-time legends and was friend and contemporary of James Stewart, John Ford and Joshua Logan. His movie career which spanned almost 50 years is completed by a notable presence in American theater and television.

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Henry Fonda Henry Fonda Henry Fonda Henry Fonda Henry Fonda Henry Fonda


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Mister Roberts Lt. JG Douglas A. 'Doug' Roberts 1955 Comedy
War and Peace Pierre Bezukhov 1956 Drama
The Deputy Marshal Simon Fry 1959 - 1961
Captains and the Kings Sen. Enfield Bassett 1976 Drama
Home to Stay Grandpa George 1976
How the West Was Won Jethro Stuart 1979 Fantasy
Roots: The Next Generations 1979 Drama
Meteor The President 2009 Action
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
On Our Merry Way 0000
The Farmer Takes a Wife 1935 0
The Moon's Our Home John Smith/"Anthony Amberton" 1936
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine 1936 Drama, Romance
That Certain Woman 1937 0
You Only Live Once 1937 Crime, Drama
Jezebel Preston Dillard 1938
Spawn of the North 1938 Action, Romance
The Mad Miss Manton 1938 Comedy, Crime, Mystery
Young Mr. Lincoln Abraham Lincoln 1939 0
Jesse James Frank James 1939 0, Fantasy, Comedy
Drums Along the Mohawk 1939 Drama, Romance
The Grapes of Wrath Tom Joad 1940 Drama
Lillian Russell 1940 Drama, Musical
The Return of Frank James Frank James 1940
The Lady Eve 1941 0
Tales of Manhattan 1942 0, 0
The Male Animal 1942 Comedy, Romance
Immortal Sergeant 1943 Romance
The Ox-Bow Incident Gil Carter 1943 Crime, Drama
My Darling Clementine Wyatt Earp 1946 0
The Long Night 1947 Crime, Drama
Daisy Kenyon 1947 Drama, Romance
Fort Apache Lt. Col. Owen Thursday 1948
Mister Roberts Lt. JG Douglas A. 'Doug' Roberts 1955 0, 0, 0
War and Peace Pierre Bezukhov 1956 Drama, Romance
The Wrong Man Christopher Emmanuel Balestrero (Manny) 1956
12 Angry Men Juror #8 1957 0
Advise and Consent Robert Leffingwell 1962
How the West Was Won Jethro Stuart 1962 0, Fantasy
Battle of the Bulge 1965 0, 0, Romance
Fail-Safe The President 1965 Adventure, Drama, Thriller
A Big Hand for the Little Lady 1966
Firecreek 1968
Madigan Commissioner Anthony X. Russell 1968
There Was a Crooked Man... 1970
The Cheyenne Social Club 1970 Comedy
Sometimes a Great Notion 1970 Drama, Action, Adventure
Night Flight from Moscow Davies 1973
The Red Pony 1973 Drama
Midway Admiral Chester W. Nimitz 1976 0, 0, 0
All This and World War II 1976 Documentary, History, Music
Rollercoaster 1977 Thriller
Fedora 1978 Drama, Romance
Wanda Nevada 1979
Meteor 1979 Action, Drama, Sci Fi
On Golden Pond Norman Thayer Jr. 1981
Displaced Person Narrator 1985