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Film title: Hercules Saves Christmas
Language: English
Plot: "Hercules Saves Christmas" takes us on a magical, fun-filled and touching journey. MAX MOOGLE, an adorable yet mischievous twelve year old boy, lives at an orphanage. Two days before Christmas, alone in the woods, Max meets a large talking dog named HERCULES. He explains to Max that he makes the naughty and nice list for Santa and he was sent to offer Max a chance at the "nice list." Max takes a magical ride to the North Pole and appears before SANTA in his courtroom, run by ELVES. Hercules successfully acts as Max's attorney. Santa tells Max that in order to make the nice list he must help RICK WILDER, a bitter man, find the spirit of Christmas. MAX is whisked off to the San Francisco Bay Area with Hercules. Unbeknownst to everyone but Max, Hercules is invisible to everyone but Max, which leads to many a comical encounter.Together, Max and Hercules leap into action in order to help Rick find the spirit of Christmas. This begins with a series of hysterical events which ultimately help Rick land an executive sales position at Roscoe Toys. All seems to be going well for Max and Hercules until RONDO, the leader of the terrible toy-stealing dogs of the north, summons HELEN, a devious woman who resents Rick for taking the executive sales position she desperately wanted, to retrieve Hercules and send him back North in order for Rondo to take possession of Hercules' magical collar. Without the collar, Hercules becomes in danger of losing all his magical powers.Max and Rick find a way to return to the North Pole, then with the help of Santa and his Elves; they put a plan in place to save Hercules and to prevent Rondo from destroying Christmas. Max and Rick pull off a successful mission and they manage to save Hercules, but not a moment too soon. Max must say goodbye to his dear friends Hercules and Rick and returns to the orphanage, but with an appreciation for the spirit of Christmas. Much to Max's delight, on Christmas morning, Rick and Hercules appear at the orphanage to take Max home to Los Angeles together as a family, compliments of Santa.

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Hercules Saves Christmas Cast & Crew

Hercules Rossi
as Hercules
Luigi Francis Shorty Rossi
as Brother Shorty / Hercules
George Maguire
as Santa
Mackenzie Phillips
as Helen Dunn
Marc McClure
as Mr. Rosco
Anthony Robinson
as Max Moogle
Kathy Garver
as Sister Augustus
Brad Williams
as Elf Joseph
Arturo Gil
as Evil Elf Rocky
Dana Woods
as Elf Mickey
Ronald Lee Clark
as Evil Elf Rocky
Nick Abasolo
as Theater goer