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Film title: Here's to Life!
Language: English
Plot: Owen is the head administrator of an old age home in Washington. One day, a resident discovers he is cheating on his taxes, and orders that Owen takes him and two others on a road trip to British Columbia. While there, they try to break him from his cynical, businessman mold by setting him up with a waitress,

Here's to Life! Series
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Here's to Life! Cast & Crew

Eric McCormack
as Owen Rinard
James Whitmore
as Gus Corley
Kim Hunter
as Nelly Ormond
Ossie Davis
as Duncan Cox
Marya Delver
as Carley
Margaret Ryan
as Crystal
Tyler Labine
as Malcolm
Sarah Hayward
as Joyce
Eileen Barrett
as Arlene
Linda Darlow
as Loretta
Mark Malone
as Bartender
Arne Olsen
as Beefy Guy