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Film title: High Stakes
Language: English
Plot: The day-dreaming Bo Baker is reluctantly hired by his uncle, to help out at his detective agency. Bo's inept attempts to aid a damsel in distress inadvertantly cause him to foil a Nazi plot and win him the girl.

High Stakes  Series
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High Stakes Cast & Crew

Dave Foley
as Bo Baker
Roberta Weiss
as Terry Carson
Jackson Davies
as Billings
Winston Rekert
as Dorian Kruger
Jack Webster
as Eric Roberts
Anthony Holland
as Nicholas von Reich
Chris Rosati
as Helme von Reich
Alex Diakun
as Valenta
Ian Belcher
as Hop Sing
Gordon White
as Seeing-eye Thug
Blu Mankuma
as Reverend Willis
John Willett
as Ari Singleton
Anthony Harrison
as Doorman
Devin O'Brien
as 8 & 12 year old Bo Baker
Ryan Earl
as 4 year old Bo Baker