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Film title: Hitchcock
Rotten Tomatoes: 63%
Language: English
Plot: In 1959, Alfred Hitchcock and his wife, Alma, are at the top of their creative game as filmmakers amid disquieting insinuations about it being time to retire. To recapture his youth's artistic daring, Alfred decides his next film will adapt the lurid horror novel, Psycho, over everyone's misgivings. Unfortunately, as Alfred self-finances and labors on this film, Alma finally loses patience with his roving eye and controlling habits with his actresses. When an ambitious friend lures her to collaborate on a work of their own, the resulting marital tension colors Alfred's work even as the novel's inspiration haunts his drea

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Hitchcock Cast & Crew

Anthony Hopkins
as Alfred Hitchcock
Helen Mirren
as Alma Reville
Scarlett Johansson
as Janet Leigh
Danny Huston
as Whitfield Cook
Toni Collette
as Peggy Robertson
Michael Stuhlbarg
as Lew Wasserman
Michael Wincott
as Ed Gein
Jessica Biel
as Vera Miles
James D'Arcy
as Anthony Perkins
Richard Portnow
as Barney Balaban
Kurtwood Smith
as Geoffrey Shurlock
Ralph Macchio
as Joseph Stefano
Kai Lennox
as Hilton Green
Tara Summers
as Rita Riggs
Wallace Langham
as Saul Bass