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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Flirt 1995 Drama
PeaceMaker 1997 Action
Freedom Owen Decker 2000 - 2000
Animal Precinct 2001 Crime
Peacemakers 2003 - 2003 Action
Underfunded 2006 Drama
The Peacemaker Mark Appleton 2010 Action
The Losers Wade 2010 Action
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
After School Jay 1988 Drama
Alien³ Junior 1992 Action, Thriller
Jade 1995 Action, Crime, Drama
The Search for One-eye Jimmy 1996 Comedy
Flirt 1996 Drama, Romance
Rough Riders 1997 Action, Drama, History
The Peacemaker 1997 Action, Thriller
Three Kings Captain Van Meter 1999 Action, Adventure, Comedy
Men of Honor MM1 Dylan Rourke 2000 Drama
Out of Line Henri Brulé aka Henry Burns 2001 Action, Drama, Thriller
Below Lt. Loomis 2002
Against the Ropes 2004 Biography
Underfunded 2006 Drama
Vantage Point Ron Matthews 2008 Comedy, 0, 0
Vote and Die: Liszt for President Kelsey McNamara 2008 Comedy
Stolen Swede 2009 Crime, Drama, Mystery
The Losers Wade 2010 Action, Crime, Drama
White Space Richard Bentley 2013 Thriller
Bullet to the Head Hank Greely 2013 0, Comedy
Gangster Squad Karl Lockwood 2013 Action, Crime, Drama
The Ganzfeld Experiment Detective Murphy 2013 Horror, Thriller
The Perfect Guy Detective Hansen 2015 Thriller
Sully Mike Cleary 2016 0