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Film title: House of Blood
Language: English
Plot: In the tradition of Friday the 13th and My Bloody Valentine comes the House of Blood. The sweltering laid back summers nights of Miami Beach usually full of dancers and nightlife turns bloody as a crazed masked killer kidnaps a young stripper. Detective Mcavoy and his partner are thrust into the killers dark twisted world in an attempt to stop him from killing again. They take the risk of becoming the killers next victim.

House of Blood Series
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House of Blood Cast & Crew

Peter Hooten
as Frank Martin
Brian Kahrs
as Detective Macavoy
Mike Kradlak
as Detective Castle
Owen Harn
as Detective Mike Castro
Lauren Nash
as Ginger
Tiffany Gans
as Tiff
Julie Anne
as Bartender
Ken Anthony II
as Detective Monroe
Margrette Auril
as Vins Girl
Wes Boland
as Swat Team Leader Murdock
Christopher d Boone
as Police Station Detective
Sandra Boone
as Police Station Detective
Annette Breazeale
as Head Nurse Nancy