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Film title: Humble Pie
Language: English
Plot: At nearly 400 pounds, Tracy Orbison is a wide target. When he sets out to pursue his dream of acting, the grocery clerk finds an assortment of people waiting to dash his dreams: his acting coach, who has designs on his sister Peggy; his juvenile-delinquent friends, who suck him into their petty crimes; and his God-fearing, self-loathing mother. Through it all, Tracy remains irrepressibly upbeat, convinced he's destined for something big.

Humble Pie Series
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Humble Pie Cast & Crew

Hubbel Palmer
as Tracy Orbison
Kathleen Quinlan
as Agnes Orbison
Geoff Hansen
as Driving Instructor
Rae Ritke
as Helen
Bruce McGill
as Mr. Grigoratus
Mary Lynn Rajskub
as Peggy Orbison
William Baldwin
as Truman Hope
Megan Ferguson
as Young and Plain
Vincent Caso
as Kendis Cooley
Miki Eto
as Hsao-Wei
Micaela Nelligan
as Laverne
Janet Varney
as Joleen
Rob Steiner
as Benji
Guangze Zhu
as Mr. Wong