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Film title: Hungerford
Language: English
Plot: Cowen Rosewell lives with a small group of old friends in a scruffy flat in a small English town. Like many teens leaving school in 2014, there are few prospects or opportunities for people like Cowen and he has enrolled on a BTEC media course as a way of passing the time. His first assignment is to record everything in a week of his life. At first Cowen dismisses the random acts of violence he witnesses as the business as usual in a small English town. However, when one of his best friends is savagely attacked by a stranger, and in defending her they kill her assailant, the inexplicably serious nature of the dead assailant's injuries alert them to a more disturbing reality. As events escalate, Cowen and his friends discover that the town has come under a mysterious malign influence which is somehow controlling organised gangs who are rounding people up and taking them to a nearby factory. The friends hide, hoping to escape, but their sanctuary is discovered and over run. Finally ...

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Hungerford Cast & Crew

Jenna Sharpe
as Additional voice
Drew Casson
as Cowen Rosewell
Georgia Bradley
as Philippa Martell
Nigel Morgan
as Terry
Tom Scarlett
as Adam Martell
Colin Murtagh
as Big Man Dean
Sam Carter
as Kipper
Colin Stark
as Janine's Dad
Mark Cusack
as Squad Leader
Kitty Speed
as Janine
Paul Radziwill
as Postman