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Film title: Huntin Bigfoot
Language: English
Plot: Welo wins the lottery and buys Amanda a production company that produces a cable hunting show for her wedding gift. Welo disappears on their honeymoon leaving Amanda to run the show by herself .she make some dubious choices and the whole crew is affected ending up with some of the most unusual love affairs that are out of this world

Huntin Bigfoot Series
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Huntin Bigfoot Cast & Crew

Mike Ascher
as Dillion
Steve Berg
as Bubba Pennington
Dan Carroll
as Cop 1
Nichole Christie
as Space lien girl 2
Michael Cook
as Ship Captain
Jim Cunningham
as Arri Michelitti
Amanda Day
as Svetlana sparkowsky
Bob Fackler
as Tv news cameraman 2
Ryan J. Gilmer
as Elmore wiggins
Paul Gonzales
as Cable land news reporter
Ari Hoptman
as Woody
Punnavith Koy
as Vee chee
Johnny Lechner
as Officer John Slidebone
Majic Martin
as Chuy Jackson
Steve Mathson
as Cop 2