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Film title: Hurt Penguins
Language: English
Plot: Harriet and her boyfriend Nick are rock musicians in their thirties, desperately trying to land a recording contract. Harriet hatches a plan to get the rich older bookworm, Jeremy, to fund them by stringing him along by pretending to love him. She even goes so far as to marry him, hoping for a quick divorce.

Hurt Penguins Series
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Hurt Penguins Cast & Crew

Daniel Kash
as Nick Piccione
Dennis Pendrith
as Bass Player
Al Cross
as Drummer
Michele Muzzi
as Harriet Swann
Myra Fried
as Robin Sommerfield
George King
as Jeremy Finch
Garoth Spanglett
as Pragmatic Virgin
Troy Forster
as Pragmatic Virgin
Cedric Giraud
as Pragmatic Virgin
Alex Greggs
as Pragmatic Virgin
Susan Carpenter
as Cheshire Receptionist
Janice Greene
as Alma the Clown
Alice Kubik
as Czech Woman
Milo Kubik
as Czech Man
Ian Thomas
as Tommy Duchesnes