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Film title: I'll Come Running
Language: Danish, English
Plot: Pelle is in Texas with two other Danes when he's had enough of travel; he wants to go home. His friends drive on, and a waitress suggests he stay the night in her empty bedroom. Her flatmate Veronica walks him home by way of a party; they hit it off and spend two days having fun, mostly in her bed, calling each other "Milhouse" and "Lisa." He tells stories about Denmark and Søren, his quixotic best friend. Pelle and Veronica exchange numbers; after a fatal car crash, she decides she must go to Denmark immediately. Once there, she meets Pelle's family and Søren: her lack of Danish leads to misunderstandings. What is she doing there? Can feelings of connection migrate to others?

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I'll Come Running Cast & Crew

Jon Lange
as Pelle Juul / Milhouse
Morten Holst
as Kristian
Melonie Diaz
as Veronica / Lisa
Jessica Hedrick
as Boss Lady
Brandi Jo Perkins
as Disorienated Girl Punk
Josh Meyer
as Boy Punk
Taryn Waldman
as Second Girl Punk
Fajer Al-Kaisi
as Karim
Duncan Coe
as Carl
Mical Trejo
as Eddie
Andrew Rice
as First Soda Vendor
Josh Christman
as Second Soda Vendor
Lana Dieterich
as Restaurant Grandmother