Watch I, Claudius Online

Watch I, Claudius Online
Film title: I, Claudius
Language: English
Plot: Roman history comes alive in this 13-part drama told from the perspective of Claudius (Derek Jacobi), a man whose physical impairments helped him avoid assassination by the corrupt Caligula (John Hurt) but ultimately led him to embrace corruption himself. Set in one of history's most fascinating eras, this critically acclaimed miniseries is an epic of ruthless ambition, tracing the lives of the first of the Roman emperors.

I, Claudius Cast & Crew

Derek Jacobi
as Claudius
George Baker
as Tiberius
Margaret Tyzack
as Antonia
Siân Phillips
as Livia
James Faulkner
as Herod Agrippa
Brian Blessed
as Augustus
John Hurt
as Caligula