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Film title: I Now Pronounce You Black and White
Language: English, Zulu, Afrikaans
Plot: When two people fall in love and get married it is a joyous occasion, right.........Wrong! Meet Simon Dawson (Tyrel Meyer). Simon is a white Jewish South African who has just returned from working overseas in the UK. He is introduced to Jackie Msolisi, (Astara Mwakalumbwa) an independent, smart and beautiful black South African girl. Sparks fly and after a whirlwind romance Simon and Jackie announce their plans to marry. This does not meet with the approval of their parents. Felix Dawson (Ian Roberts) is a wealthy Afrikaner who seems to care more about money and status than anything else. He even converted to Judaism to marry his younger trophy wife, Sheila (Bo Petersen). Sheila is materialistic, overbearing and image conscious. The idea of a black daughter-in-law terrifies them. Pauline Msolisi (Sylvia Mdunyelwa) is a devout Christian and believes her daughter should marry a nice local boy and have lots of children. She doesn't trust white people and is upset with Jackie's announcement. Clarence (Kwezi Kobus) is Pauline's long-suffering husband. He goes along with whatever Pauline says to make his life easier. Simon and Jackie just want a simple ceremony without getting race or religion involved. They plan a family dinner and invite both sets of parents around to make peace with each other. Unfortunately the Msolisi's bring their evangelical Pastor, Pastor Krotz (Brendon Daniels) to the dinner and the Dawson's bring their unorthodox Rabbi, Rabbi Gershowitz (Adam Neill). The dinner only serves to make the Dawson's and Msolisi's more determined to stop the wedding in its tracks. The Dawson's decide to enrol their daughter, Amanda Dawson (Candice D'Arcy) in their plot to spoil the wedding. The Msolisi's consult a Sangoma (Tina Jaxa) and her bumbling assistant (Nik Rabinowitz). The wedding becomes a battleground as White meets Black, Jew meets Christian and Old meets New. David, the British Best Man (Scott Sparrow), turns peacemaker in his bid to salvage the wedding from certain disaster. David is forced to rely on some whacky and unusual guests to delay proceedings just long enough to get Simon and Jackie to say "I do".

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I Now Pronounce You Black and White Cast & Crew

Tyrel Meyer
as Simon Dawson
Astara Mwakalumbwa
as Jackie Msolisi
Ian Roberts
as Felix Dawson
Sylvia Mdunyelwa
as Pauline Msolisi
Bo Petersen
as Sheila Dawson
Kwezi Kobus
as Clarence Msolisi
Adam Neill
as Rabbi Gershowitz
Brendon Daniels
as Pastor Krotz
Scott Sparrow
as David Middy
Vaneshran Arumugam
as George Best Moodley
Tarryn Lamb
as Tanya Amos
Darren Amos
as Biggie
Charles Tertiens
as Darren February
Nik Rabinowitz
as The Twaza
Tina Jaxa
as The Sangoma